Get in the habit of getting shit done

Taskeroo helps you get shit done. No more boring lists, and push notifications that actually motivate you. Coming soon. In the mean time, check out our blog!

Why Taskeroo?

Organize tasks with icons

Do you hate lists as much as we do? Taskeroo lets you organize tasks the same way you do with your smart phone or tablet: with icons! Choose the icon that best matches your task to find it easily.

Set recurring tasks

Not all tasks are the same. Some you only do once, and others you need to do on a regular basis. Just like your girlfriend. Set your tasks to reoccur by the minute, hour, day, weekday, week, month or year.

Enable swear mode

Are you motivated by verbal abuse? That's our specialty. Enable swear mode and we'll remind you to stop being a little b#%!* and get it done. If it reminds you too much of your step dad, we recommend you turn it off and call a shrink.

Set alert frequency

Set the frequency of your push notifications or task alerts on a sliding scale. If you're a real go-getter and want to be notified often, set it to high. If you're a lazy bum and you don't want to be bothered too often, set it to low.

Assign multiple reminders

Sometimes you need to be reminded more than once. Remember all those times your mom had to remind you to clean your underwear? Well, that's our job now. Just don't ask us to fold them for you.

Set aggressive alerts

If you're not getting things done like you should and you need a quick slap in the face from Shia Labeouf to 'just do it', turn this on. If you get annoyed with the aggression, simply turn it off.

"Taskeroo helps me get through my day without skipping a beat. I am able to balance my career and my personal life like never before!"
Jason Russell
Business Owner

"Finally, a task management app with some zest!"